Taxi Insurance from Clydegrove

At Clydegrove we understand the needs of taxi-drivers. We can offer you affordable premiums with payment terms which can be suited to your requirements. If this is your first time insuring your taxi we can look at offering you with an Introductory Discount, just as a helping hand. Alternatively, if you have reached your maximum no claims bonus we can protect this for you. One fault accident can result in your no claims bonus dropping from 4/5years to 2years. The rise in premium can be significant.

In the event of an accident can you afford to pay your policy excess before your vehicle is released from the garage? With some excess’ being as high as £500 you may want to consider paying a little extra to protect your excess. Not only will you get a discount for accepting a higher excess, you can now opt to not pay the excess at all.

We appreciate that you need your taxi on the road so don’t get caught out with a breakdown. With a guaranteed call out of within 1 hour and home start cover being included our prices are exceptional.

FREE claims helpline

If you have an accident - DO NOT WORRY – Clydegrove have their own FREE claims helpline.

No need to wait in a queue or worry about the cost of the call.

Require more information?

If you would like more information or would like to ask us a question then call us on 0141 764 1400.

To ask us a question online click here.